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10 quick tips for a more beautiful you – in seconds!

Most people do not have the money, time or fearlessness to go under the knife or get costly work done.  I’ve come up with 10 quick tips to be a more beautiful you in seconds.            


  1. Brighten up your eyes.  Just a few quick droplets of eye drops will brighten and beautify your eyes.  Throw in a few drops right before a date, before you get your pictures taken or pretty much anytime. It’s small enough to keep inside your bag at all times.
  2. Whiter teeth.  Rub some Vaseline on your teeth right before you get your picture taken, or anytime.  Teeth will show up whiter, brighter and shinier.
  3. Never leave home without your Spanx.  Wear them under everything, even skinny girls need them.  It creates a flattering and form-fitting shape and can be worn under anything.
  4. Gray coverage.  Nobody can keep up with gray hair sprouting up constantly.  A quick tip right before you leave your house is mascara on the gray hairs that are most obvious.  It lasts pretty much all day.
  5. Know what colors look good on you.  Get your color consultation done by an image consultant.  Wearing your right colors will make a vast change in your appearance.  You will automatically look younger and brighter when you wear the colors that are right for you.
  6. Always try and lengthen your silhouette.  Tall or short, nobody wants to look short or frumpy.  Dress is monochromatic colors as much as possible.  They will lengthen you and make you look thinner.
  7. Get a pull up bar at home.  Pull-ups do wonders for almost every part of your body and take seconds to do.  Try to do just a few a day and notice how quickly you see the results.
  8. Good Posture . If you sit at a desk all day sit high up on your tailbone and keep your abdominal muscles engaged.  Getting into the habit of doing this daily will help improve your posture.
  9. At home micro derma abrasions. There are many micro derma abrasion kits you can do at home that are quick and inexpensive.  They not only remove dead skin cells but they automatically help brighten your skin and smooth out fine lines. 
  10. Enhance your bust- wear those stick-on bras that push the boobs together (a.k.a – chicken cutlets) then wear a regular bra on top of that.  Works much better then any padded- pushup bra I’ve seen on the market.  Especially if you are super small bust.

2014 Wedding Dress Trends.

I was just quoted on regarding 2014 Wedding Dress Trends.

Take a look at the article and the pretty dresses! 


2014 Wedding Dress Trends.



Made-to-order custom mens shirts by J. Hilburn





I've discovered the most beautifully tailored custom mens shirts at a fraction of what you would pay in the store.  Its made by J. Hilburn  We take 10 unique measurements and make you custom shirt that fits you fabulous. Contact me for a fitting today. 

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends WORTH purchasing

So as personal shopper I encourage my clients to purchase pieces of clothing that are classic and wearable for many years to come.  I also encourage them to wear items that accentuate their best attributes and  are polished and fit well. The 2013 Spring trends are the exact opposite (for the most part) of what I preach.  They are hot trends that will be in and out faster then you can say hideous!

Bermuda shorts, exaggerated volume, Japanese dress, 60's sillouetttes, oversized ruffles, shorts suits are just some of the trends that I can guarantee will be out style before you even get the chance to wear them.

Here are some of my top picks for 2013 Spring Fashion Trends WORTH investing in:





Patchwork animal print, any type of stripe and sheer panels are all great timeless pieces that are wearable now and in the future.

H&M has some MAJOR competition - JOE FRESH!


Ok so for all you bargain shopper out there, drop H&M and Forever 21 and run (don't walk) to Joe Fresh.   Fashion forward, well made and incredibly affordable men's and women's clothing.  Pop into a store today, and let me know if you love it as much as I do.


How to stay warm this winter and still look adorable!

Brrr....It's been a very cold winter my fellow NYC dwellers.  I can probably speak for all of us when I say it's a challenge to stay warm yet still look somewhat attractive.


Here are some quick steps to staying warm, wonderful and well insulated:


1. Invest in a heavy wool pashmina or shawl.  Buy a good one this is an investment piece. Wear any cute outfit you like under the pashmina and wrap it around you and hold it tight when you're cold.



2. Everyone knows we lose most of our heat through our head and feet so keep them toasty before going to a big bulky grandma sweater. Find hats that don't mess with your hair do, and any boot with a fur lining that is NOT an UGG.  Sorry but UGGs are just gross unless you are 3 yrs old and under.



3. You can purchase a simple pair of black leggings with a heavy weight , fleece lining or just wear 2 pair. Stick to synthetic fabrics, they will keep you warmer.  Urban Outfitters makes a great pair:


4. Wear whatever boot you like and drop a pair of hand or feet warmers in them.  You can buy them anywhere and they stay warm for 12 hours.  (be UGGless this winter!)




My new obsession - sequin leggings

When I picked these up in the store my friend thought I was crazy, but I had a vision.  These were quite the  show stopper.  The only problem is that they are so memorable that you can pretty much only wear them once with the same audience. Pick up a a pair of crazy pants and pair them with a loose top or tailored jacket.  Go for it! 

P.S.  sorry for blotching out my friend, she asked me to keep her identity private.


I'm featured in this weeks Time Out NY! - Great Gift ideas for the Holidays

Great Skin Product - Meaningful Beauty!

As an image consultant I'm trained to always make the face the focal point when wardrobing my clients.  Therefore I'm in constant search for the next great skin care product that I can recommend to my clients.  I decided to try Cindy Crawford endorsed Meaningful Beauty .  I am in loove with their products!  After only having use it for a week my skin feels, soft and brighter.

Try it yourself and let me know what you think.  Intro package is only $39.99.




The most UNflattering dress sillouette - the blouson dress.

I had to blog about this dress because I really think all woman need to be aware that this sillouette does NOT work on any woman.  I don't know who the designer is that originally created it but I'm guessing it wasn't a woman.  Why would any woman want to look round and frumpy on the top half of her body?  Whether you are big busted, big belly or big on top in general this dress won't hide anything.  It will only make you look bigger on top and distort the balance between the top and bottom half of your body.  Go for a an A-line dress, a peplum dress or a high waisted dress with a big skirt.  Anything but this! Stay away!





The Importance of your Image

When I found out these facts about the statistics of first impressions I was pretty shocked.

So when a person first meets you they judge you based on what you say, how you say it, and how you look. This is the % breakdown of the significance of each:

Verbal 8%

Body Language/Tone: 36%

Visual/Appearance: 56%

Over 50% of how a person judges you is JUST based on your physical appearance.

Here's another interesting fact, this person has to see you SEVEN other times in order for their initial judgements of you to be changed.

Moral of the story:  You must appear exactly as the message you'd like to send. If you don't know how to do this then consider hiring an image consultant.  You only have one time to make a first impression. 



What do I wear in between seasons?
























What's the style solution when its not hot anymore but not chilly either? Summer clothes you love mixed with a few fall finds to make all-new, so-fun outfits.  Here are some ideas:

1. A big light weight scarf with a denim jacket or sweater and slim cargo pants or leggings (pictured above)

2. Open toe or closed toe high heel pumps with capri pants and fitted blazer.

3.  jeans, any color except maybe the bright pinks and greens

4. One of your heavier weight summer dresses paired with black tights. (picture above)

4. throw on a trench coat or light leather jacket and you def look like you are transitioning into fall










Studded Nails

Loooving this.  Who agrees?

White after labor day?

So last night I broke out the white jeans, on Sept 14th (after Labor Day).  My friend (that trusts my fashion taste explicitly) said - can you really wear white after Labor Day?? 

My answer is a thick heavy fabric like denim , of course you can.  It was actually too hot to wear the white jeans all summer and its way to soon to box them up and store them away for next summer.  So please everyone take out your white jeans and pair them up with your fall items.  Throw on a light sweater in one of the new fall colors of the seasons, like bright burgundy. You can also change your accessories - darker colored scarves, purses, boots all help take your white jeans past Labor Day.

Heck if JoLo, Hilary and Kate are doing it, so can we!




Fashion Night Out with my girlies.

What a great night to be out and about in NYC.  Anyone who's anyone hits the streets in their hottest outfits.  Its kinda like Halloween in NYC with less costumes and more fashion.

INstyle or UNstylish? Shoes to stay away from

UGGs, Converse, Crocs and Tivas.....everyone is wearing them but do they actually look good?  Answer is NO!  Stay away from all of these. UGGs make everyone look like big foot and have absolutely no style or appeal.  Only wear them when nobody will ever see you and you need to stay warm.

Converse are so 80s and should have stayed there in my opinion.

The others speak for themselves.  Happy shoe shopping! 

Fall Trends WORTH purchasing

Sooo many hot new trends for fall.  Here are my picks for trends that will last the test of time and are worth the investment.


Black & Gold.


Black & Gold is everywhere for fall.  It's classic and timeless and can be worked into pieces you already own.  Everybody has black!



I was just in Italy viewing the fall collections and fur is everywhere.  Timeless, sexy and not to mention very warm.  A must have.


Leather anything....shorts, skirts, hats. etc.  Tip - leather always comes in and out of style so if you paid a fortune for it, save it!  It will come back around eventually.





Universal Colors

Good news, anyone can wear these colors, they are universal.  So brides-to-be next time you are trying to dress your bridesmaids keep this color chart on hand.  Its also handy when choosing uniforms, choirs, etc.

Stylist vs Image Consultant - what is the difference???

So I get this question all the time....what is the difference between a stylist and image consultant.?

A stylist is all about the brand and the event. They wardrobe you based on the hottest labels and the type of event you are attending.

An image consultant focuses on every aspect of their clients over all look. They build their clients "brand" and create a look based on the image their client is trying to portray. All aspects are considered when buidling their wardrobe including face symmetry, hair texture, coloring and color palette and body type. A stylist is usually not trained as such.



Oh No! Daffy's Stores are closing!

It's an end of an era.  They are closing all 19 stores! I turned to Daffy's whenever I was looking for European designers that I just couldn't find in department stores.  If I hear that Loehmann's or Century 21 are closing I may just move to south and change my name to Charlotte and buy a little piglet.  Nobody cares about what you're wearing there....

What turn men on.

Let's face it ladies, all men have x-ray vision.  Whether you have layered on five sweaters or wearing a skimpy tube top a man will know what cup size you really are at first site.  Thong or full panty? Believe me they have already assessed that too.  So there's a point here and its if they already have figured out what we look like naked why bother exposing it?  Let them try and figure out if they're wrong and be a master at illusions.

Here are some tips to dressing sexy without over exposing:

Tip #1 - Shoulders - no woman has fat shoulders and they are one of the most subtly sexy parts of a woman's body.  Sport something that exposes a shoulder or two.  Off the shoulder, one shoulder, cowl neck - all good options. Polyvore gives you a good breathe of options.  Check it out:

Off the shoulder Tops

Tip # 2: Never leave your house without heels. Heels define, shape and slim your entire body- its like getting a free body wrap treatment.  I know , I know flats are sooo in and so comfortable BUT there are also comfortable heels, I swear. Go for a the heel with platform combo, always a more comfortable choice.

Tip #3 : Legs, legs and more legs.  Mini skirt is not necessary, but if there's ever a choice go for the skirt .

Flip Flop Alternatives

Oh ladies please please already with the flip flops.  I don't get it at all.  How is it comfortable to have a thick piece of plastic in between your toe?  There is no arch support, ankle support or traction.  Plus they just don't look good. I think only 1 out of 20 woman have toes cute enough to have them that exposed. Check out this Lucky article on alternatives you can walk to work in that are comfortable and stylish!












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